Apollo PTA Fall Rocket Fuel Fundraiser

Welcome to the Apollo PTA Rocket Fuel Fundraiser! We are so excited for our first fundraiser of the 2019-2020 school year!

Last year, a couple of amazing parents developed this website in order to create a way for 100% of the profits to be donated back to the school.

Due to some parent feedback, you can now create a login and keep track of all your donations/sponsors online.

For privacy and security, please create a login and continue on to receive further information. Thank you for your support!

School Goal: $30,000
We are currently at 78.81 %

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Donation Window Closed

Grade Leaderboard

GradePercentage towards goal
1st Grade138.38 %
Kindergarten114.28 %
3rd Grade110.31 %
5th Grade97.51 %
2nd Grade82.73 %
4th Grade69.27 %